Cynthia Xiong

Hi! I’m a 4th year Art major and an aspiring splash illustrator. You can usually find me playing League of Legends or sobbing over rendering my paintings. Always happy to answer any questions!

Henry La

Hey everyone! I’m a 4th year CS major who loves playing open-world stealth games. Some of my favorites include Ghost of Tsushima, Assassin’s Creed, and Spider-Man PS4!

Teaching Assistants

David Ban

Heya! I’m a senior studying Computer Science who enjoys rhythm games. I also like League of Legends, but you never heard it from me. You’ll find me either at the DDR machine in Eshleman Hall, or playing video games.

Hailey Tran

Hi! I’m Hailey, a senior studying CS. My favorite games of all-time are Monster Hunter: World, Stardew Valley, and League (I know). Recently, I’ve been obsessed with Project Sekai, so if you play, let me know!

Jackie Dai

Hello. I’m Jackie, a 2nd year studying computer science. I enjoy playing destiny and games where I suffer. Don’t play Juju in tetris, she is a bully.

Jeremy Fernandez

Heyo! I am Jeremy and I am a Junior studying Japanese but I have a deep interest in Game Design, specifically Sound Design. Recently, I’ve been into Cyberpunk 2077, Overwatch 2, and The Finals.

Joshua Almario

Hi! I’m Josh, a first-year studying EECS. I enjoy playing gacha games and RPGs such as OMORI, as well as all types of card games and board games.

Juju No

Hello! I’m Juju, a fourth-year double-majoring in Cognitive Science/Data Science. I especially enjoy rhythm games, RPG horror games, and Tetris! My favorite game atm is Neon White (Machine Girl soundtrack is 🐐).

Justin Lee

Hi! I’m a junior CS major who loves Nintendo games! If you enjoy platformers, hit me up :D

Yik Suen Lung (Kas)

Hi y’all, I’m Kas, a sophomore Art Practice and Political Science double major. I enjoy roguelike and RPG games (including tabletop gaming).